Printing Packaging India

If you are in the pharmaceutical packaging industry then you know how sensitive the sector is. This sector is responsible for the sensitive packaging of drugs used by the citizens and this means that care must be taken to ensure that high cleanliness standards are maintained throughout the packaging process. The equipment required for such work ranges from packaging manufacturing machines to forklifts used for lifting the packaged materials into stacks in the warehouses. This machinery may breakdown once in a while and may require forklift repairs.

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These require that different companies in this sector be built in a certain way to enable safe packaging of products. The rooms in such a building are supposed to have high quality air filters for adequate ventilation. A good example of such a machine is the HEPA H13 filter. Sufficient air conditioners are also to be installed in all the rooms. The doors need to be of high quality and preferably pressure doors. Microbiological and physiochemical laboratories to ensure particle monitoring for sterility and cleanliness of the different drugs are also a necessity. These laboratories are fitted with the right type of machines for the purpose of monitoring the sterility levels. To enhance sterility, the changing rooms for staffs should be built with excellent sanitary facilities.


The following pharmaceutical equipment are used to package drugs. The blister machine ensures drugs that need to be in blister packs are properly packaged the machine requires an automatic test system to enable the disbursement of the right information on the blister pack and to ensure an information leaflet is disbursed too. The packaging line that packages drugs in foils and has a michrocom camera test system for detection according to colour is also a packaging machine. Other equipment used in the laboratories include the high performance liquid chromatography machinery, dissolution apparatus, tablet disgenerators, water purification apparatus, UV spectroscopy, sterility testing machines, cartooning machines, incubators and sterilisers. The cartooning machines are used for packaging drugs into various cartons of different sizes and weights. The sterilisers sterilize anything that come into contact with the drugs to ensure they are not contaminated at all. Sometimes distilled water is packaged for drip purposes in hospitals and clinics. This water is obtained from the water purification plants. The ultra-violet spectrum ensures the drugs that should not be exposed to sunlight are safe and kept in the right environment.


The packaging company may manufacture its own packaging materials or outsource them. However, care should be taken to ensure that outsourced materials are highly sterilized and of high quality to prevent drug contamination.


Drugs are sensitive to such factors as moisture and excessive sunlight. The warehouses should be built in a special way to ensure they have ultra-violet ray detectors and humidity detectors and eliminators. The systematic arrangement of drugs in the warehouse include computers that keep track of all the drugs coming in and leaving the warehouse and forklifts for stacking cartons safely. The computerized system is enhanced by the presence of bar codes that are inscribed on the packs during packaging. The warehouses may also have freezers for those drugs that should be stored at temperatures lower than room temperature. Proper ventilation equipment is also a necessity to ensure the correct temperatures and humidity levels are maintained. Examples of pharmaceutical packaging companies are Medis International Drug packaging plant that has met the standards named.